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Post details: Gentoo Portable #2, PHP code generator pt. 3, and pictures

Dec 3
Gentoo Portable #2, PHP code generator pt. 3, and pictures

Lode's laptop is almost done. He got a working xorg-x11 installation currently running Fluxbox, but emerging Gnome, gensplash support, all services necessary for a decent base system (hotplug/coldplug, pcmcia, HAL,...), FAM was replaced by Gamin, I got him to love Torsmo,... I even got his IPW2200 WiFi link working, jay! Today was a good day ;-)

One more thing on the todo list tough: get lm-sensors on his Intel 825200 or whatever chipset... Anyone got this working? B-)

I worked some more on the PHP LDAP Class generator. Actually, this isn't an LDAP based project anymore, rather a bundle of libs I'm creating to write out PHP class files, and I'm using that work to do the LDAP stuff.

Member functions were done, which means at the moment you can:
- Create a class, define it's superclass (optionally), and add required files
- Add member variables
- Add member functions

Only getMemberFunction and setMemberfunction are implemented (like:

$g = getMemberFunction( "_test" );
echo $g->toString();

will output

function getTest() {
        return $this->_test;

Watch the underscore handling :-)

A setMemberFunction does +- the same thing, only it generates code to set a specific member variable.
The functionwriter still needs to write out PHPDoc function information. The necessary member variables are in the class, but the toString() function doesnt generate it yet.

Once that's done, two thing left to do: add Class PHPDoc information, and testing of course.

I'm quite certain this functionallity could be usefull for other people too, so maybe I'll release the code once I think it's mostly "done".

Finally I installed Coppermine. It's quite nice to work with, altough I couldn't find any theme I really like, and it has some more issues (like, not reading EXIF data on a batch import). You can check it out here.

I think I'll get my dad's old PC (an HP P4 1.9) this weekend, finally :-D This implies I'll be able to run Gentoo and more generally Linux on a decent machine :-) I hope I'll be able to start some more development again (after my exams @ university, of course). I got a long list of thing's I'd like to see working in Linux/Gnome ;-)


Comment from: steev [Visitor] · http://steev.net
Was curious as to how you get gamin running instead of famd.... specially with programs that have the fam useflag. or do you just not use the fam useflag?
PermalinkPermalink 12/04/04 @ 03:38
Comment from: Ikke [Member] · http://www.eikke.com
I did enable the "fam" USE-flag, because file alternation monitoring is a good thin an-sich.
How to get gamin working is fairly easy :-) First, you need a kernel which includes inotify support (gentoo-dev-sources got it (need to enable it in menuconfig of course)), I don't know if it's in vanilla already.
Gamin is a 100% compatible replacement for FAM, so you can just do:
emerge -C fam (unmerge fam)
emerge gamin

and you're settled. All programs formerly using FAM will now use gamin, they won't notice something changed.

If there are packages you want to emerge but can't because gamin blocks fam, those packages got ebuilds that are not updated yet (they got fam hard-coded inside the ebuild or inside an eclass). Just file a bug in Bugzilla then (like here).
PermalinkPermalink 12/04/04 @ 13:20
Comment from: Gabriel Carpenter [Visitor]
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