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Mar 29
Ubuntu joke

Actually I think it's a pretty funny one, not intending to be disrespectful against anyone.

Wonder what this is all about? Read more.
Maybe compare it with this mailing.


Comment from: Chris Cunningham [Visitor] Email · http://blondechris.com
Please file a bug against your sense of humour. It is defective.

- Chris
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Comment from: Murray Cumming [Visitor] Email · http://www.murrayc.com
The people on that mailing list need to do more to make women feel welcome. The correct response would be something like "Sorry. No offense was intended.".

If you are more threatened by political correctness than you are bothered by the almost complete lack of female involvement then your priorities are wrong.

Luckily, the Ubuntu community in general is better than this.
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Comment from: Ikke [Member] · http://www.eikke.com
This is a joke, and should be treated alike. If I'd tell this joke to some of my female friends, they'll just have a good laugh and won't be offended at all. Maybe this is just a LOCALE issue ;-)

Maybe sending these things to mailing lists isn't a wise thing to do (pretty useless too), but I don't think this should be regarded as disrespectful towards women or other groups.

Female involvment is, obviously, pretty important :-) But I wonder whether a joke like this would have negative impact on this involvment... I hope it's not and most female readers will just see the humor of the joke and smile a bit. That's the purpose of jokes, isn't it?
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Comment from: Karl Lattimer [Visitor] Email · http://www.qdh.org.uk
A husband screams down the stairs at his wife in a proud voice. "Quick darling come and see the clock I've made..."

His wife runs up the stairs with great anticipation when she gets there her husband is standing with a proud stiffy (erection).

His wife says, "Thats not a clock"

To which the husband replies "It will be when you get two hands and a face on it"


Dirty jokes are great, sexist jokes are great, racist jokes are great. Its all about a _SENSE_ of humor, not a desire to subjugate some people or persecute them. We all live with stereotypes theres nothing wrong with them, as long as you can laugh at yourself when the jokes on you you're mature enough, if you can't then grow up and see the funny side of yourself, be you a woman, man, [ethnic group], [religion], etc...

BTW. the original joke is a good one...
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Comment from: Murray Cumming [Visitor] Email · http://www.murrayc.com
> But I wonder whether a joke like this would have negative impact on this involvment

Hello? You don't need to wonder. You've got yet another actual fact here.

I agree that this email was not incredibly offensive, but it's generally male-orientated, and you have nothing to lose by trying a bit harder. It's not enough to think that women shouldn't be put off being involved. They are put off, so do something about it.
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Comment from: Noridlo [Visitor] Email
I'm thinking a joke is a joke. Some amuse some, some offend. We can not always be in sync with each other. But, we can always cut each other a little slack. This joke seems to say that women are so complicated and intelligent that even the creator can not understand them. That seems to me to actually be a compliment even though disguised as a joke. So people, male and female alike, get over yourselves, already!!
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Comment from: heyheynowcomeonnowhey [Visitor] Email
I cannot imagine how this joke is offensive to women.

Men and Women are different in many respects and they occasionally have communication issues because of that fact.

This is something that has been known since people were people.

The joke didn't say "And then god said two lanes or four because women are addle brained morons who make no sense."

Men have a tough time understanding women.

The funniest thing isn't the joke, but that really "Caroline" just made it even more accurate.

I really do not understand her actions here.
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Comment from: Stoffe [Visitor] Email
In all fairness, that joke is just too true.
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Comment from: Mackenzie [Visitor] Email
It's offensive that you're supposed to read "woman" as "newb," as if women are all computer illiterates.
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Comment from: Eduardo O Padoan [Visitor] Email
If you think it is not offensive, it is 'cause it is not offensive *for you*. There are many ways to interpret a joke, and many types of senses of humos and sensibilities; None of this should matter to be part of a strictly *tecnical* community.
People should not have any specific sense of humor nor be accostumed to sexist jokes (as it is, 'cause it try to make generalised assumptions about all women nature) to be in the Ubuntu Community.
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Comment from: David Gerard [Visitor] Email · http://en.wikipedia.org/wikiUser:David_Gerard
So is the Ubuntu Code of Conduct taken seriously within Ubuntu?

Looks like that's a "no", then.
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Comment from: Trey [Visitor] Email
You people are funny. Acting like it's offensive or something. Do you remember the cd covers that Ubuntu used to ship with? Oh, also:

apt-get install ubuntu-calendar-december ubuntu-calendar-february ubuntu-calendar-january ubuntu-calendar-march ubuntu-calendar-november ubuntu-calendar-october

Now please continue this, it's funny!
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Comment from: Rama [Visitor] Email
Check this out: http://ubuntulinuxhelp.com/can-we-talk-here/ It's very heartfelt and compassionate; and really does say what Ubuntu really is about.
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