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Resultaten - warmte - reisjes - Joke

Deze week heb ik, mede door mijn vermoeidheid niet echt veel tijd gehad om te bloggen. Ik was dan ook vergeten om jullie op de hoogte te houden van mijn resultaten op studiegebied waarvan de laatste onzekerheid donderdag verdwenen was. Een trouwe lezer mij hierop attent maakte.

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Since yesterday, exams are finally done! Done! Finally!

Yeah, the last one, speech processing. It was quite hard, harder than I thought, but I was ready with studying, execpt a few pages that were to hard, I thougt. But at the exam, also those pages were asked! Indeed, it was very difficult. When I recieved the questions I thought "oh, shit". But after all, I think I have answered enough to pass. Let's hope.

Also yesterday (ok, two days ago, but I'm still awake so I say yesterday :-)), my girlfriend had her thesis presentation. It'll also be OK, she told. The jury said it was OK, very good, and she answered most questions. With that last one, a big part of her life ends. University career as student is done. She wants to go for a PhD next year, so she won't leave university and our home ;-)

I also bought her a little present. Something because she closes a period and also because I won't see her much while I'm doing my internship at Siemens. We had some drink and a nice evening with some friends, all OK :-)

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Work, work, work!

Monday, I've done my exam Information Theory. Didn't go well. I thought I'd studied enough, but the exam was very hard with large time-consuming question. Nobody was done on time, but I've hardly completed half of it. So I think I'll fail for that one, but let's hope for the best.

Next one is friday, speech processing. Harder than I thought. Large parts of the course handle signal processing and statistics, my two big problems of the second year. I'll do my best ;-)

I also had contact with Dirk Steel about my internship at Siemens. I allready have to start monday! Just a week quality time with my lovely girlfriend isn't possible :-( We'll be together now friday after my exam and her thesis defence. I've cancelled VTK Weekend for me. Saturday, I have a BBQ with people from student representation boards all over Flanders. Let's hope I can spend a large part of my sunday with my sweetheart...

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Bezoekje aan Siemens

Zoals hier aangekondigd, heb ik vandaag een bezoekje gebracht aan de vestiging van Siemens in Herentals. Uiterst interessante boel daar :-D

Siemens Logo

Dirk Steel, de persoon die daar mijn stage zal co

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Just two more left

Stupid me, I wrote this one yesterday, wanted to modify a typo today, but clicked the "delete" button instead of "edit" :oops:

Wednesday, I had my exam Information Security. It was a bit harder to study than expected. The first part, wich deals about the mathematic aspects of encryption, calculation with prime numbers, was the boring and most difficult part. First I thought it was an oral closed book exam, but Tuesday someone told me it was open book, wich was also explained on one of the first slides, wich I skiped :oops: So, open book means you don't have to learn that stuff by heart, wich was very welcome news and gave me lots of extra hope :-D

The examn wasn't that hard, more about the applications instead of the maths. I expect it to be very good.

Next one is one of the most boring ones: Information Theory on monday the 27th. So lots of time, but no time to party. :-/ I'll work a few days on Speech Processing to make sure three days will be enough for that one.

Tomorrow, I've also an appointment with someone at Siemens Herentals about an internship. Very nice, I hope it'll be OK. The big problem however is: how to get there in a reasonable time. When you check websites like Antwerken, you see the Antwerp Ring is a complete mobily chaos, especially when you have to go to the E313. Another possibility is by the Brussels Ring, but then you also have the big traffic jams and all that stuff. I'll drive the direct way :-D From Ghent to Dendermonde and by Mechelen and Lier to Herentals. I'll start here at 7.30 am to arrive there at 10 am. Damn, too early to get out of my bed XX(

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