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It's been quite a while since I posted here. So here's a little update. I'm preparing for my exams, the first one is friday. I can feel the exam stress already, which is good, because I need some stress to study. (if there is no stess, I waste my time with surfing and gaming) I've got 5 exams this semester, 3 difficult ones, and 2 easy ones (surprisingly, the easy ones are computer-related ;-) ). The 3 difficult ones come first, so after those, the worst part is over and the fun begins. :-p

Now, about that weird word 'Sauerbraten' in the title. Sauerbraten is 'Cube 2'. (I have posted about Cube before.) The first 'relatively mature' release is availiable for download here. Saurebraten runs on linux and windows. If you want to try Saurerbraten out, you should extract the .zip file somewhere on your harddrive. Linux users should go to sauerbraten/sauerbraten and run 'sauerbraten_unix'. (you might have to change the permissions of sauerbraten/sauerbraten/sauerbraten_unix and sauerbraten/sauerbraten/bin_unix/linux_client to make sure they are executable) Windows users should execute sauerbraten\sauerbraten\sauerbraten.bat. Remember that this is an early release, so many things might still change. I think the looks have improved a lot, but some features still annoy me: I hate those stupid ogre models and the other monsters. They just don't fit in a FPS game.

Oops, my break is over. Back 2 the books. >:( Cya!

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Good bye exams! Mechanica was all right, but it should have been better (did some calculations that took me 3/4 of an hour, and I didn't need them :'( ).

Atm, I'm updating my system, and hopefully I will get the hardware acceleration working, so I can check the new test release of TC:E out. My expectations are high, I hope this release is not as much of a disappointment as the other one was.

I haven't been posting a lot in this blog for the last few weeks, but that should improve in the coming days/weeks. ;-)

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Cube live-cd, TC:E update

Remember me introcucing Cube? Check this out! More info here and here. Too bad I can't check it out on my pc, I hope an x86 version will be released aswell. The article in the gentoo newsletter says "a whole cluster of ODWs running Cube will be part of the presentations in the Gentoo developer room at FOSDEM in Brussels, 26-27 February 2005", so maybe I'll see them running there. ;-)

And now for something completely different: more gaming news! :-p The homepage of my favorite RTCW:ET mod has been updated. Next week the developers will release another test-version containing lots of new goodies, and maps. Those screenshots of the 'snow' map look 88| (<-this smiley should be forbidden. I bet it makes some people have an epilepsy attack or something).

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More exams, no more cold, Linux Gaming

Peter seems to be interested how I'm doing atm, so here's a small update. First of all, the cold is (almost) over. And my Physics exam was, erm, reasonable. I think I can get a B on it, but I'm not entirely sure (it was a multiple choice exam, which means that if I answered a question wrong, points are substracted :-/ ). An A is possible as well, but I don't think I'll have that much luck :-p (the theory questions were very hard imho).

(if you are not familiar with the grade-system at our faculty: A>=13/20, B>=10/20, C>=6/20, D>=0/20 or less :-p )

Anyway, I'm preparing for the next exam now, and that's one of the reasons why I waited this long to post here. I don't think that next exam (Statistics, just like Peter) is going to work out well. But we'll see.

About the 'Linux Gaming' part: It's quite simple, I like linux, and I like gaming. I just love fragging a bunch of people online to relax or focus my mind (really!). Just to give this blog some content, I plan to (shortly) review some (linux) games I have played. Just try them out, most of them are free (some free as in free beer, some free as in ...). Btw, my nick is [BE]RealNitro. ;-)

Number one: Cube

Cube is an Open Source FPS (First Person Shooter). Just like most other FPS games, Cube has a singleplayer and multiplayer mode.

In single player mode you just shoot some dumb (as in Doom1-dumb) monsters, in a lot of different levels. Some levels have a 'story' in them, but most of the time it's just a matter of killing all the monsters and using a trigger to open a room with even more monsters. This is nice, but not my favorite part of the game.

So I prefer playing the multiplayer mode. The gameplay in it is very, very fast. If you're not used to playing FPS games online, you're dead meat (except if you hit a n00b server ofcourse :-P ). And I'm serious here.

The Cube soundtrack is great aswell, and really brings up the adrenaline when playing online. A unique feature of this game is the ability to change levels while playing them (just hit 'E'), and even online (search for a server with the co

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