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Mar 28

Very long time ago, once more...

I've been very busy lately, lots of projects, some of them ICT-related, others not, but not too much time to do all those things I want to do.

I'm not going to flood my beloved readers with all boring (well... ;-)) things I've been doing lately, let me just say I'm having a pretty good time :>>

Currently I'm playing around with GStreamer some more. Some stupid problems I'm opposed too, very simple things that should work but don't etc, but well...

I hope I'll be able to report on something more exciting soon, write something, whatever, but I can't promise it'll come :oops:

Will be visiting Napoli from wednesday 'till monday, maybe I'll be able to write something about that trip when I get back.

By the way: happy easter @ all :-)

Oh, something else: we reached 2245 unique visitors on blog.eikke.com now, where a unique visitor is unique in 24 hours. An absolute record 88|

Mar 10
Database Regression

Once more, my sites moved from one server to another, which resulted into a minor database regression. Looks like some comments posted went missing, I'm very sorry for this inconvenience.

Mar 1

Had a great time. No time to give an overview at the moment, but I will report on it as soon as possible.

@RealNitro: the only way to learn things is by coding a lot :-)

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