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Jan 30
More exams, no more cold, Linux Gaming

Peter seems to be interested how I'm doing atm, so here's a small update. First of all, the cold is (almost) over. And my Physics exam was, erm, reasonable. I think I can get a B on it, but I'm not entirely sure (it was a multiple choice exam, which means that if I answered a question wrong, points are substracted :-/ ). An A is possible as well, but I don't think I'll have that much luck :-p (the theory questions were very hard imho).

(if you are not familiar with the grade-system at our faculty: A>=13/20, B>=10/20, C>=6/20, D>=0/20 or less :-p )

Anyway, I'm preparing for the next exam now, and that's one of the reasons why I waited this long to post here. I don't think that next exam (Statistics, just like Peter) is going to work out well. But we'll see.

About the 'Linux Gaming' part: It's quite simple, I like linux, and I like gaming. I just love fragging a bunch of people online to relax or focus my mind (really!). Just to give this blog some content, I plan to (shortly) review some (linux) games I have played. Just try them out, most of them are free (some free as in free beer, some free as in ...). Btw, my nick is [BE]RealNitro. ;-)

Number one: Cube

Cube is an Open Source FPS (First Person Shooter). Just like most other FPS games, Cube has a singleplayer and multiplayer mode.

In single player mode you just shoot some dumb (as in Doom1-dumb) monsters, in a lot of different levels. Some levels have a 'story' in them, but most of the time it's just a matter of killing all the monsters and using a trigger to open a room with even more monsters. This is nice, but not my favorite part of the game.

So I prefer playing the multiplayer mode. The gameplay in it is very, very fast. If you're not used to playing FPS games online, you're dead meat (except if you hit a n00b server ofcourse :-P ). And I'm serious here.

The Cube soundtrack is great aswell, and really brings up the adrenaline when playing online. A unique feature of this game is the ability to change levels while playing them (just hit 'E'), and even online (search for a server with the co

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Jan 26

I'm sick. My nose is running and my thoat hurts. Damn colds. And I have to study. I'm in the middle of what we call here 'den blok', which means I have to study all day to pass my exams. So I'm not really having the time of my life. But I felt like starting this blog, so here I go:

I'm not entirely sure about what I'll post here yet. I created categories for the games I play, for webdesign, and for 'fun', but some may disappear, and some others may be created later on. Now that I think about it, there should be a 'linux' of 'gentoo' category too. I've been enjoying gentoo for over half a year now, and I still enjoy it. Though I'm pretty p*ssed @ the ati-drivers and the way they work with xorg atm -- can't get DRI to work. This means I can't relax while playing Cube or TC:E. >:( Hopefully some new ebuilds are released soon. (note to ikke: the smileys don't appear where they should :-p )

Before I forget: many thanks to Ikke for hosting this blog! :>>

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