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Feb 17 done

First of all: do not try to use a XHTML strict doctype with a .tk adress. It makes IE go maaaaaaaaaaad. The rendering of my site didn't even come close to what it was supposed to be. (Firefox did the job nicely, btw. ;-) :-p )

The site had been around for a year and a half now. It used to contain three frames and a lot of crappy code, and looked even worse than it does now ( ;-) ). But now I updated the code, basicly rewrote the entire site, using php and lots of CSS (most of this was done during the Christmas Holydays). Yesterday I added a logo in the top left corner. It's with the gimp, using some other pics I made for the previous edition of the site. Let me know what you think of it, graphical stuff is really not my thing so I need feedback.

My next little project will probably be some php-code for the Gotcha contest of the home I live in during the weekdays. I still have to finish my little jabber script too. :-/ And: I wrote my first C program today. B-) (all it did was print some text though :-D )

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Feb 14
Lessons restarted, webdesigning

The lessons for the second semester started today. The classes in the morning were dropped, but the ones in the afternoon -- Electric Networks -- were terribly boring (as usual :roll: ).

I'm changing the code of one of my sites to XHTML atm. I'm nearly finished, but it will probably look quite f*cked up in IE. I'll reboot into windows tonight and check it out. If anyone has some feedback about the code, plz comment it, so I can learn from my mistakes. ;-) (Idd, the menu in the corner thing is similar to the one on, sorry about that Ikke. :oops: )

*looks at download window*
Wheeeeee, a new episode of RedvsBlue!

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Feb 10

Good bye exams! Mechanica was all right, but it should have been better (did some calculations that took me 3/4 of an hour, and I didn't need them :'( ).

Atm, I'm updating my system, and hopefully I will get the hardware acceleration working, so I can check the new test release of TC:E out. My expectations are high, I hope this release is not as much of a disappointment as the other one was.

I haven't been posting a lot in this blog for the last few weeks, but that should improve in the coming days/weeks. ;-)

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Feb 3
Cube live-cd, TC:E update

Remember me introcucing Cube? Check this out! More info here and here. Too bad I can't check it out on my pc, I hope an x86 version will be released aswell. The article in the gentoo newsletter says "a whole cluster of ODWs running Cube will be part of the presentations in the Gentoo developer room at FOSDEM in Brussels, 26-27 February 2005", so maybe I'll see them running there. ;-)

And now for something completely different: more gaming news! :-p The homepage of my favorite RTCW:ET mod has been updated. Next week the developers will release another test-version containing lots of new goodies, and maps. Those screenshots of the 'snow' map look 88| (<-this smiley should be forbidden. I bet it makes some people have an epilepsy attack or something).

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Feb 2

Whoohoo, no more Statistics to study for at least half a year.:-D Maybe even forever, because I feel like I have a nice chance to get a B. We'll see. The next exam is Mechanics, next wednesday. It's not easy, but at least it's nog as boring as Statistics.:-p

After I read Ikke's post about using pyGTK, Glade and Python to create small GUI programs, I decided to learn some Python. I already read a small crash course, and I started reading the official tuturial. Too bad I can't afford to spend a day or so to read and practice, so my progress in the tut is rather slow, but I'll get there.:-) Maybe I'll read this tutorial aswell. Hopefully all that will enable me to understand this final tutorialB-)

So far I really like Python, I even solved some Statistic exercices with it yesterday (couldn't resist :oops: B-) :-p )

That's it for this time. bb!

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