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May 30
Sauerbraten, some news

It's been quite a while since I posted here. So here's a little update. I'm preparing for my exams, the first one is friday. I can feel the exam stress already, which is good, because I need some stress to study. (if there is no stess, I waste my time with surfing and gaming) I've got 5 exams this semester, 3 difficult ones, and 2 easy ones (surprisingly, the easy ones are computer-related ;-) ). The 3 difficult ones come first, so after those, the worst part is over and the fun begins. :-p

Now, about that weird word 'Sauerbraten' in the title. Sauerbraten is 'Cube 2'. (I have posted about Cube before.) The first 'relatively mature' release is availiable for download here. Saurebraten runs on linux and windows. If you want to try Saurerbraten out, you should extract the .zip file somewhere on your harddrive. Linux users should go to sauerbraten/sauerbraten and run 'sauerbraten_unix'. (you might have to change the permissions of sauerbraten/sauerbraten/sauerbraten_unix and sauerbraten/sauerbraten/bin_unix/linux_client to make sure they are executable) Windows users should execute sauerbraten\sauerbraten\sauerbraten.bat. Remember that this is an early release, so many things might still change. I think the looks have improved a lot, but some features still annoy me: I hate those stupid ogre models and the other monsters. They just don't fit in a FPS game.

Oops, my break is over. Back 2 the books. >:( Cya!

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