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Jul 25
Working on a little bot: HangBot

I'm working on a new Jabber bot: HangBot. It should be able to let the user play small text-based games. Atm, playing Hangman (which is the game the bot is named after) and some other basic functions work. The next task on the list is making the menu-class more flexible so other games can be added easily.

The hangman game is finished (it works as it should), but I still need to find a good dictionary for the game to pick words from. 'Ikke' proposed some files in /usr/share/dict/, but those are too difficult, and they're in English (I'm looking for both English and Dutch dictionaries). If anyone knows where to find a fitting dictionary (rather short, simple words), please comment it.

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Jul 19
Finally an index page for

Yesterday, I uploaded a new index page for It's a small page, just to have something that refers to this blog, to some sites I made and to my e-mail adress. (I might add my JID too.) I don't know if the page is working in IE as it should, but I might look into that later today.

Having passed my exams in july, I have a lot of free time (three months minus some vacation work), so I'll probably be able to post some more interesting stuff on this blog for the months to come. (I might adjust a bit to make it work again on eduserv, and I should finish that little glade/gstreamer-experiment too some day.)

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