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Aug 23
Boekentoren genomineerd voor monumentenstrijd

De Gentse boekentoren is genomineerd voor de Monumentenstrijd van een! Slechts de helft van de 30 genomineerde monumenten zal doorgaan naar de tweede ronde: de 15 monumenten die het meeste stemmen krijgen. Spread the news dus, en stem! (Meteen de reden waarom ik dit op Planet UGent wil krijgen :-p ).

Voor de fanatici: In de downloads sectie van vind je het nodige promotiemateriaal.

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Apr 25
Tired of cleaning up the spam here

While I don't use this blog very often, it has been four months since my previous post, I have to clean about 10 spam messages here every single day. This has been going on for a while now, and I'm sick and tired of it. So I did a little google search for anti-comment-spam plugins. It seems like these plugins are my only hope. This one, and this this one are interesting in particular. Does anybody have any experience with one of those two? Do they work?

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Jul 19
Finally an index page for

Yesterday, I uploaded a new index page for It's a small page, just to have something that refers to this blog, to some sites I made and to my e-mail adress. (I might add my JID too.) I don't know if the page is working in IE as it should, but I might look into that later today.

Having passed my exams in july, I have a lot of free time (three months minus some vacation work), so I'll probably be able to post some more interesting stuff on this blog for the months to come. (I might adjust a bit to make it work again on eduserv, and I should finish that little glade/gstreamer-experiment too some day.)

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Jun 5
First exam, Nokia 770

The exams have started in a bad way. Hardly anybody had enough time to answer all questions of our first exam ('Transportverschijnselen'). Lets hope for the best.

As some people already know, I'm going to buy a PDA (or something similar) in the near future. The ones I am/was interested in are: the Palm Lifedrive, Dell X30 or X50, or the (to be released) Nokia 770. The LifeDrive is too expensive and slow I'm afraid, and the Dell's, well... they use Windows :-p . So I'll probably buy that Nokia 770. There are a few features of it that I'm worried about though:

  • Will it support VPN over Wifi?
    (needed to connect to our University network)
  • Will it support pdf reading?
  • How long will the battery last?
    (the site says three hours, I know)
  • Will there be linux desktop software to upload files to the 770?
  • I hope there will be apps to view .ppt (powerpoint) files.
  • And last, but not least: When will Nokia release it?
    (the sooner the better :-p )

I still have to check out the prices for those mini memory cards the 770 uses too. Lot's of things to think about. ;-)

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May 30
Sauerbraten, some news

It's been quite a while since I posted here. So here's a little update. I'm preparing for my exams, the first one is friday. I can feel the exam stress already, which is good, because I need some stress to study. (if there is no stess, I waste my time with surfing and gaming) I've got 5 exams this semester, 3 difficult ones, and 2 easy ones (surprisingly, the easy ones are computer-related ;-) ). The 3 difficult ones come first, so after those, the worst part is over and the fun begins. :-p

Now, about that weird word 'Sauerbraten' in the title. Sauerbraten is 'Cube 2'. (I have posted about Cube before.) The first 'relatively mature' release is availiable for download here. Saurebraten runs on linux and windows. If you want to try Saurerbraten out, you should extract the .zip file somewhere on your harddrive. Linux users should go to sauerbraten/sauerbraten and run 'sauerbraten_unix'. (you might have to change the permissions of sauerbraten/sauerbraten/sauerbraten_unix and sauerbraten/sauerbraten/bin_unix/linux_client to make sure they are executable) Windows users should execute sauerbraten\sauerbraten\sauerbraten.bat. Remember that this is an early release, so many things might still change. I think the looks have improved a lot, but some features still annoy me: I hate those stupid ogre models and the other monsters. They just don't fit in a FPS game.

Oops, my break is over. Back 2 the books. >:( Cya!

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