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Mar 1
Php gotcha, mail, FOSDEM

It has been a while since I have posted here, for two reasons: I didn't have much to say, and last week was very busy. I did a rewrite of the gotcha php-code that is used for the Home I live in. It took me a while to decypher the old code (amazingly complex), and eventually it took me 4 evenings to finish the job. However, the gotcha that's going on atm still uses the old code. :-( There was no time to test the new version thorougly, and just before the start of the gotcha (22h. last sunday), I discovered a little bug too. But I'm looking at it from the bright side: now I have the opportunity to fine tune my code, check it for weaknesses in its security, add new features, maybe add a fully featured admin-page, give it some new html code... If anyone (that is: anyone I know and trust ;-) ) wants to see my code running, just let me know. Btw, does anyone know of a way to check if an e-mail that should have been sent with the php code has really been sent? I'm asking this because last sunday the old php code did not start at first (I had to try 3 times!), and apparently some people didn't receive their passwords (which sould have been sent with the php mail function). :-/

Two days ago (sunday) I went to FOSDEM. The overall 'experience' was better than had I expected it to be. None of the presentations I attended were too technical (except the one about nautilus ;-) ). The one I enjoyed the most was the one about FAI, followed closely by XFCE. I think I liked the one about FAI the most because we might use it in stead of Fedora Stateless. (the speaker was very good too)

There ya go. Not much more to say. I have a big, unpublished post here at this blog about ''. But I will not publish it before I tested the installation instructions, and I still need to choose a license (or invent one).

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