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Sep 19
Dislocated wrist, and GIM update

Typing this using one hand, as I was so stupid to dislocate my left wrist last saturday night. At least, I hope it's only dislocated, and not broken. And yes, it does hurt.
I might get a picture later.
Got some GIM design drawings completed lately, but only on paper, I need to dia'ize them (which won't be an easy job now). I hope I'll be able to show some of the work soon.

Sep 10
Software Freedom Day 2005

So, today is Software Freedom Day 2005. Here in Ghent, VTK/WVS organises a little event in co-operation with several companies and organisations. There's a movie in Film Plateau ("Revolution OS"), a little get-together afterwards, and maybe some food. All of this free (as in beer), except the food, obviously.
More information can be found here (in Dutch).

I'm trying to work on the GIM design some more, and working on the new PDC at VTK. More on this later.


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