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Oct 27
770 and UGent VPN

So, I just got my Nokia 770 connected to the UGent VPN nerwork, which means I can connect to the internet when I'm near one of the access points. It wasn't too easy, and editting long texts on the device is fairly boring, so I'll stop here. More news when I'm near a "real" computer ;-)


Oct 18
Gnome for young children && 770 update

This theme mockup by Andreas Nilsson is actually pretty cool stuff IMHO, when used in an environment where young children/kids use the computer (eg in schools). I think it's pretty attractive, as long as the texts are easily readable.

Next to this, thanks to Philip and (obviously) Nokia itself, I was able to order my personal Nokia 770 from their Developer Program today. It should arrive in 1-3 days, so I'll be pretty stressed when checking the mail next days :-) When I saw (and even touched ;-)) the 770 at LinuxTag I was really impressed, let's hope it'll work well (/me crosses fingers for vpnc support) and bring a lot of pleasure on a development side :-)

Oct 16
Screencasts part III: Victory!

Just found this wiki page which uses some other transcode options. I tried it, converted 2 seconds of a vnc recording to Xvid, and it works, jay :-)


$ emerge tightvnc vncrec transcode
$ vncserver
(enter password if necessary, edit the VNC xinitrc file,...)
$ vncrec -record test.vnc localhost:1
$ transcode -x vnc --use_rgb -i test.vnc -o test.avi -y xvid -k -f 10
$ mplayer test.avi

I'll try connecting to Vino now. Encoding takes a very long time, but well...

/me happy ;-)

Oct 15
Screencasts part II

After digging around a little more, I found vncrec, which works really well. Quality is good, computer doesn't lag while making the movie,... One major problem: the output format. Nobody can play these files, except if he/she got vncrec installed, which is *nix only.
It should be possible to convert .vnc files to some other format (video) using transcode. I tried this, but when playing the ouput file using mplayer (xvid encoded), I only get green and red noise. Not everyone got an xvid codec installed too, so I might want to use mpeg2 here or something alike. If only I would get a real video, and not just noise...
Transcoding a vnc file takes a lot of time too.

I'll keep you guys posted :-)

Oct 14

Could anyone please tell me how I can make a screencast in X? Istanbul doesn't work (segfaults and other errors), vnc2swf produces flash files, which I don't like, xvidcap doesn't want to compile,...

I'd really need to be able to create a little movie to convince some people @ university Linux is not all about command line magic like su, sudo, mount -t smbfs -o username=foobar //server/share /mnt/foobar and other 19[89]X commands...

I could use Istanbul's Gstreamer pipelines in some small application, but there's one major problem: ximagesrc's image quality is terrible.

Oct 11
MS Hotmail new Beta interface

Check it out here.

One major question: how well will it work for people exploring the web using a non-IE based browser?


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