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Jan 16
Email and dates

What's his fcking problem?

Now this mail will be on top of my inbox for weeks. I though only spammers use tricks like these, not real people sending emails to mailing lists >:(

Jan 12
Linux Distribution Chooser

Always wanted to try Linux, or thinking about trying some other distribution? Just came across this link, the "Linux Distribution Chooser".

It's damn accurate (for me at least): Gentoo/Arch/Slack! Very good for newbie users too...

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Jan 10
More tech humour

Thanks to DieseL: check it :-)

Jan 8
PlanetPlanet likes blogspot again

As some of you might have noticed, there used to be some severe problems with Blogspot feeds screwing up the layout of Planet UGent.
Some minutes ago, thanks to the great help of Jeff "jdub" Waugh, this has been fixed. All feeds work fine, no b0rked layout,...

The planet is getting more popular every day:
$ cat members.dat | grep -v -e ^# -e ^$ | wc -l

Not that bad, it's only up for a week or so :-)
I'd love to get some more gotchi's though (hint ;-))

Jan 7
There's hope


Don't take this too serious, obviously. We all know women date geeks because of their sense of humour.

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Jan 7

Just installed XGL using this howto, and ran it. Doesn't work: windows are rendered well (in FluxBox, not in e17 -> artifacts), but whenever you move a window, the window content isn't updated/re-rendered, don't know how to explain better.

Needs work I guess :-)

Jan 5
Pkanet UGent domains

So, Planet UGent has been moved to another server. It can be reached on http://www.planet-ugent.be. planetugent.be is also possible, and I changed the old domain so it redirects now. Update your URI's if you were aggregating the feed!

Jan 3
GConf split defaults

This is some good news!

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Jan 3
[Dutch] Eens wat anders

In navolging van al die andere vragenlijstjes:

1. Wat heb je in 2005 gedaan dat je voordien nooit gedaan hebt?

Vanalles :-)

2. Heb je je gehouden aan je voornemens, en ga je er nieuwe maken?

Aan gehouden: soms wel, soms niet. Slecht

Jan 1
Planet UGent update
  • Got around the lack of cron on this server by using some Bash, PHP/shell_exec, wget and an external cron daemon to do the updating
  • Top banner thanks to Peter. Using tables, couldn't find a decent way to display the banner
  • Fixed encoding issues by moving the index page to a PHP script and use header()


  • Make the sidebar fit better. Methinks it's fairly ugly now
  • Maybe make the text balloons a little broader
  • Add more feeds and add more gotchi's
Jan 1
Happy newyear!

Nothing more to say :-)


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