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Feb 1
I'm amazed

I just found this article on distrowatch.com, and I'm amazed. This is *so* unreal :crazy:
If you're too lazy to read it, or just want to know why you should: it looks like CCux Linux included Ivman in their latest development release, by default XX(
Quoting the Release Notes:

(But) This Version has some nice new Features too. Supermount doesn't handle the automatically Device mounting. In Fact, this is now handled from dbus 0.23, hal 0.4.7 and ivman 0.5. This Combination does this Job much better when mounting CD/DVD Drives or USB Sticks, Kameras or other Things. Therefore it doesn't need anymore User Interaction to get all Drives running.

88| :-P :-) :-D :-p B-) |-| :>>

This is some great new, isn't it? Mostly thanks to Rohan lately I guess :-) YOU ROCK

Next to this: as promised in my GObject Signal handling article, I wrote a makefile for it, and even did the autotools stuff. I'll write an article on that stuff this evening, or tomorrow, if possible.

PS. Good news: exam was fairly good, I think. Let's hope for the best tomorrow.

Jan 30
Python for Dummies, and update

Jono Bacon wrote an article on Python coding for beginners, using PyGtk and Glade to create GUI's.
The article was inspired by his work on an application handling iRiver devices. It is (AFAIK) using HAL too.
Guess it's time for me to (re)start doing some Python coding too... Get some more skills ;-)

I fixed some (mail handling) bugs in Beagle yesterday, got the "Open IM" functionality of Best working locally (again using a patched Gaim). Mail patch should be applied soon.

[edit]Patch has been applied: link (and other updated files)[/edit]

Trying to get some GObject's for CDIS working using GOB now. GOB really rocks, it's so easy to write code once you read the complete manpage :-)

Plea"se note Ivman got a new Wiki, thanks to Rohan.

Dec 16
Ivman awakened

Lots of commits by Rohan lately. This rocks :-) Now a new release should be made, so the guy that wanted to make Debian packages can go ahead :-)
Also Paul Archer wanted to code on Ivman too, more specificly Ivman's IvmConfig package. That's why I made a last pull of the ivman_ng SVN repository aviable, here.

Gentoo's Ivman package was also bumped (by Genstef), now Rohan's USB support patch is used when the "usb" USE-flag is set.

Someone just asked me if I was willing to become "godfather" (sp?) of their child. Tough one... It would be an opportunity to go to France, 'caus that's where they live, from time to time :-)

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