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Feb 12
Use id's

Hint #cantremember: Use ID's where-ever you're allowed to

This makes crossreferencing later on (using XRef or whatsoever) easier, and references are very nice and usefull (look at WikiPedia and others).

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Feb 12
"Introduction to Makefiles and Autotools" published

I finally finished the Docbook-translation of my article on Makefiles and Autotools. The result is listed on my articles page, direct link here.

Feb 10
Get a reference sheet

Hint: Use a Docbook element reference sheet

Simple :-)
I use this, this is somewhat bigger.

Feb 9

Hint 3: Write directly in DocBook format

As you might know I first wrote my first 2 articles in this blog. I docbook'ized the first one, which went quite well, now in progress doing the second one, which is a real PITA.

So, little hint: don't write plaintext files first, write DocBook code/tags directly.

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Feb 8
Use Yelp to preview your documents

Simple one for now, got not much time, but don't want to break the chain either:

Tip 2: Use Yelp to preview your documents

You can use Yelp to preview the Docbook documents you wrote, so you don't need to xsltproc/xmlto the file everytime (which takes a while).

Just open the like this:

yelp mydocument.dbk

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