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Dec 26
Blog moved

This blog is moved. You can find my new blog on http://eikke.com. Thanks for visiting!

Sep 8
Oh so true...

Spend 10 minutes collecting everything you need to work on a problem, and unplug the internet for 2 hours. You’ll finish in 30 minutes.

Matt Mullenweg

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Sep 3

Maths exam was a complete disaster, don't really know where to go next. Is it really that hard if one hasn't got a diploma to get a decent job (both now and in the far future)?

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Apr 3
Quote of the day

A quote from the weblog of Bruno Segers, former topman at Microsoft Belgium:

Eerst en vooral laten we nu reacties toe. De vrees dat de bijna religieuze anti-Microsoft lobby mijn blog als hun ‘Uitlaat’ rubriek zou gebruiken is immers niet meer aanwezig. We blijven met Windows Live Spaces werken maar vanaf nu is commentaar mogelijk. Bruno goes open source !

In english:

First and foremost, we allow comments now. The fear an almost religious anti-Microsoft lobby will use my blog to show their dissatisfaction *(somewhat bad translation, I know)* is gone. We continue using Windows Live Spaces but from now on writing reactions is possible. Bruno goes open source !

So enabling comments in a blog is "going open source". Hmm... I'd figure people who used to be at top positions inside Microsoft would at least *know* what Free/Open Source is all about. Looks like I've been somewhat naive.

Via Kris.

Jul 16

Should I be worried?

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