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Jun 27
Real life got no Lost&found

So, someone hanging around here in Villanova (or maybe still sleeping, who knows?) got my keychain card thing. It'd be pretty cool if he/she could give it back, so I can at least have food tomorrow...

wingo, yours is at the Fluendo booth in the main building.

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Feb 24

Real Life can have great impact on man's other activities :-/ Oh well.

FOSDEM '06 this weekend. Some interesting talks in both the main track (DTrace, Valgrind, Beagle, Jeff's closing talk,...) and the devrooms (X.org, GNOME,...). And at least as important: meeting some people IRL again or finally!

See you over there?

Jan 7
There's hope


Don't take this too serious, obviously. We all know women date geeks because of their sense of humour.

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Jan 3
[Dutch] Eens wat anders

In navolging van al die andere vragenlijstjes:

1. Wat heb je in 2005 gedaan dat je voordien nooit gedaan hebt?

Vanalles :-)

2. Heb je je gehouden aan je voornemens, en ga je er nieuwe maken?

Aan gehouden: soms wel, soms niet. Slecht

Jan 1
Happy newyear!

Nothing more to say :-)

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