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Post details: Gnome, kernel work and Gaim

Jan 7
Gnome, kernel work and Gaim

Currently busy catching up woth new Gnome improvements. Gnome 2.10 (dev 2.9) looks promising once again :-)
I've been on GimpNet (irc.gnome.org) for a while too now, just met scapor who owns this blog. Great source for new Linux-desktop users, and even advanced users can learn new stuff :-) Keep going!

Kernel events were merged into the Linux kernel, which should simplify kernel<->userland interaction a lot. There's a small utility called kdbusd which shows a prototype of listening to these kernel messages, and sends them to the DBus System Daemon. kdbusd could be broken now tough: I didn't test it yet, but it looks like the 2.6.10 uevent implementation is somewhat different than the one Arjan Van Der Ven, Robert M. Love and Kay Sievers wrote.
I started hacking more uevent calls into the vanilla kernel...

One nifty feature in Gaim I wanted to blog about some time ago is the "Expand" feature. I was too lazy to make screenshots in that time tough ;-)
Now I found a nice screenie and explanation of it in the GnomeTux blog I mentioned at the beginnning of this post. Check it here. This is the screenshot:

Stuff on my TODO list:
- Gphoto2 Gnome-VFS provider, so I can browse my Canon Ixus 500 files in Nautilus. The camera does not support usb-storage, so it can't be mounted. Gphoto2 supports it perfectly tough. But I dislike Gthumb...
- Work on Gaim - Evolution links.
- Make some program/plugin/... that enables syncing my new Nokia 3100's Agenda to Evolution's Calendar. There is a lib called Gammu that is capable of extracting data out of this phone, but there is no Evolution link. I'd need to test Gammu first tough (anyone got a DKU5 datacable?).
- Some more stuff I forgot now.

Got to study some more now, bloody chemistry.


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