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Feb 22
News from me

Long time ago once more ;-)

I got lots of things to do lately, so I rarely find time to update this blog. Next to this, I got sick about a week ago, so I had to stay in bed for a while too.

Some thing's I've been doing lately:

  1. Installed Xgl, dropped it because I got no hardware acceleration

  2. New desktop (screenshot, slightly changed now: the line under my top panel is smaller)

  3. Installed Hula some minutes ago.

    It is nice, but still needs some work IMHO.

  4. Wrote some mass-mailing-with-attachment Python script. It's not 100% done, if you want it give me a call

  5. At Ghent University there's a new system to allow web application developers to authenticate users against the universities student database. Whilst all sample code in the docs is written in Perl, usign a bunch of temporary files to decode/decrypt keys etc (I'm not getting into the implementation details here), I wrote some PHP class to achieve the same goals. Not using any temporary files (which is better, think of multithreaded webservers...), but still using a shell_exec call to openssl to decrypt a PKI string using some public key. TODO: use PHP's openssl functions, or shell_exec as a fallback when OpenSSL support hasn't been compiled into PHP. I think I'll send the class to the UGent admins once it's done, so others can make use of it too.

  6. Just showed Nat it's easy to generate PDF files from MediaWiki pages using this software. He was looking for a tool like this to create PDF's out of the Hula Wiki pages (hey, I even pointed him at MediaWiki in a lengty mail I sent him upon his request describing all wiki implementations I got some experience with :-))

  7. Installed PhpAdsNew2 today at VTK. It's not implemented yet (still need to give a demo to the admins), I hope it'll allow us to deploy a better, easier and more manageable ad management, including decent statistics. Hey, we need to know our market value, isn't it?


  1. Get a new harddrive (8.4Gb is too small on a modern desktop/development system)

  2. Get NVidia Binary drivers working, play around with Xgl once more, and try hardware accelerated composition

  3. Get semi-transparant Gaim chat windows and buddy list working

  4. Play around with Galago

  5. Get a Subversion repository somehow, somewhere

  6. Find out how to get to FOSDEM, or I won't go once more

  7. Finish reading the GStreamer development handbook (60 pages to go)

  8. Get some new girlfriend?

  9. Lots more, not willing to think about it at the moment.

Oh I almost forgot. We sold our first Dell computers today. Let's hope the ecommerce site will be up soon.


Comment from: RealNitro [Member] Email · http://www.realnitro.be
Let us know if you get that transparent Gaim-thingy working. I loooove transparancy :-D
PermalinkPermalink 02/22/05 @ 21:50
Comment from: trbecker [Visitor] · http://www.monsterinc.org/sasquati
That's a HUGE trash. Nice desktop. It's gentoo, isn't it?
(Good luck with your search for girlfriend).
PermalinkPermalink 02/23/05 @ 18:57
Comment from: Ikke [Member] · http://www.eikke.com
I like to have a big trash, also using the standard Gnome icon theme. And yes, it's Gentoo :-)

Thanks for the wishes ;)
PermalinkPermalink 02/23/05 @ 21:51
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