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Apr 7
Call for votes


I just received this email from Jono Bacon:

Hi all,

Right, my band Seraphidian (www.seraphidian.com) is
involved in a competition to play the Download
festival. We have been finalised as one of the top 10
bands, and I really need your help to push us forward.
This is a huge deal for us.

Please could you go to the following URL and click on
the red VOTE link to vote for the band:


Also, if you run a website or weblog, could you
*please* write an entry encouraging you to vote. You
will know how important music is to me, and we really
want to push through to win this!

Also, could you please *not* write a script to bombard
the site with votes or they may accuse the band of
cheating, which we really don't want to do.

The vote closes on monday, so time is of the essence!!

Thanks a lot folks!


Maybe some of you know him, read articles by him, whetever. I met him IRL at FOSDEM, he's a great guy (who doesn't know the hilarious LugRadio webcasts?), so if this can help him forward, I urge you to click the link and vote for his band (even if you don't like the music ;-))

CP: Fatboy Slim - Going out of my head

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