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May 1
MSN7 under Linux

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I want MSN Video Chat (receipt) working. Under Linux. As soon as possible. So I tried getting MSN Messenger working under Wine.

As you can see, it works. But only a little. This is the bloated version 7 of the official client, and Wine seems to be unable to handle it properly. It's using non-standard windows (actually, it are clipped standard windows) etc. I did not try the webcam feature either.

Has anyone got an installer for MSN Messenger 6.x for Windows 98/Me? I'd like to try that one too, but only "beta" version 7 is available on the official website. A commercial software vendor only offering beta versions of it's software to the users... :roll:

Maybe I should just run a stripped Windows session under that great version 5 of VMWare Workstation as RubenV just suggested, and take the easy way ;-) Or try aMsn which should get videochat support soon (it's already in CVS I heard, Scapor?), but I hate that Tcl/Tk interface :-(


Comment from: KaKaRoTo [Visitor]
if you want to try msn5 or msn6 under wine, you can always download it...
go to http://download.microsoft.com and search for "msn".. you'll see al versions available from there...

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Comment from: KaKaRoTo [Visitor]
ohh.. and I prefer aMSN :D GET RID OF M$ things.. wine is not meant to be used that way :P

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Comment from: Ikke [Member] · http://www.eikke.com
Karel: so Tk/Gtk is not an option? Sorry to hear that...
I will give aMsn-cvs a try :-)

KaKaRoTo: I don't like running applications this way, I even installed Wine solely for this purpose. I love Gaim and still use it, because MSN Messenger is bloated, ugly and slow :-) But as long as Gaim does not support videochats, I need to find some valuable alternative.
Gaim-vv is too much a hassle to set up, so it's not really an option (I never heard someone who got it actually working either, so...)
Maybe we should take aMsn and port it's videochat code to Gaim :-)
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Comment from: Tom [Visitor]
Hehe hello there. About the "ugly tk interface" that should soon be solved in amsn, we're working on a number of custom widgets that are themeable and use pixmaps...they should be in the next release or the one after that I hope.
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Comment from: KaKaRoTo [Visitor]
Hey Ikke : gaim-vv uses linphone, and amsn supports that too.. so you use videoconference, and it's not that hard to setup (it is, but it works after 1 little "make install"..) and if you don't like linphone-vv, then you can use amsn for the normal webcam feature, it now supports it in cvs, although it's still in developpement...
and about the interface, as Tom said, we're working on it and it should be better in no time

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Comment from: KaKaRoTo [Visitor]
and btw... why port amsn's code to gaim ? first, it's tcl, so it should be rewritten anyways... and secondly I like amsn, and hate gaim.. and I still don't understand why people are still using it... :S
anyways... if the devels of gaim want to add webcam, I've written a protocol explanation in the farsight wiki page...

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Comment from: Ikke [Member] · http://www.eikke.com
KaKaRoTo: ever tought of the possibility not everyone is a guru running Linux? Almost everyone I talk to using MSN are Windows users... So gaim-vv, linphone-vv or whatever else won't help me a bit. If I'd need to connect to Linux users I could just use GnomeMeeting.
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Comment from: Maarten [Visitor]
Pssh, webcam might work with wine, you can try this link
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Comment from: James Colam [Visitor] · http://www.colam.freeuk.com
What version of Linus are you running in the photo above?
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Comment from: Ikke [Member] · http://www.eikke.com
Thats Gentoo Linux (www.gentoo.org), running wine-20050111-r1, Gnome as desktop.
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Comment from: James Colam [Visitor] · http://www.colam.freeuk.com
I forgot to say thanks to Ikke - Thanks
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