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May 15
ContactFS working

(Thumbnail is link to original image)

Needs no comment I guess :-)

Still some problems left:

  • Files with spaces in the filename (ie almost every file in this case) don't work :-( This shouldn't be too hard to solve though (edit: fixed)
  • Read-only
  • No VCard as output. This can be easily solved though (edit: fixed)
  • The init func creating a Node tree from your contacts is blocking, which is bad
  • The Icon issue. Looks like vcards can contain picture information, so I could just write a vcard-thumbnailer and add it to Nautilus.

Now guess what the problem was... Not my code, but the fact I use autotools to compile the thing. Autotools seems to add some fancy compiler flags which made the module crashy as hell, just using "gcc -Wall $(pkg-config --cflags --libs gnome-vfs-module-2.0 libebook-1.2) -shared -fPIC ContactFS.c -o libContactFS.so" worked fine. Guess I'll have to tweak my Makefile.am somehow. (edit: this wasn't autotools fault, but (of course) mine. I added some flags to Makefile.am I got from an official GnomeVFS module's Makefile.am, looks like those weren't nice)

Huge thanks to "gicmo" for all the help.

Oh, and XNest rocks :-)



Comment from: RealNitro [Member] Email · http://www.realnitro.be
Looks like the vcard thing is working? :-p
PermalinkPermalink 05/15/05 @ 20:29
Comment from: trbecker [Visitor] · http://www.monsterinc.org/sasquati
Worderful. Trully genious =), no kidding.
PermalinkPermalink 05/15/05 @ 21:48

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