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Dec 28
RhythmBox bubbles

A Zeus member (the Gaim Guifications author) complained about the bubbles RhythmBox pops up when a new track starts.
As I'm always willing to help others (right :roll:) I made a little patch to make this behaviour optional.

It's small, ugly and untested, so use with care ;-) Against current RB CVS from cvs.gnome.org. Patch
You got to pass "--disable-bubbles" to ./configure, they're enabled by default.

Alver, let me know whether it works please so I can fix it if necessary :-)


Comment from: Luca [Visitor]
Yes, indeed those Rhythmbox bubbles are a bit rough :). A better solution than remove them (hey, they are useful) might be to use libnotify (which is one of the candidates for inclusion in gnome 2.14 [1]). There is a patch for Rhythmbox [2], but is is now a bit old, and should probably reflect the:

from Album by Artist

at the top of RB window. Moreover libnotify API is a bit changed lately [3], so this patch should be updated.

[1] - http://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2005-December/msg00070.html
[2] - http://mail.gnome.org/archives/rhythmbox-devel/2005-June/msg00153.html
[3] - http://www.martianrock.com/?p=175
PermalinkPermalink 12/28/05 @ 18:08
Comment from: Alver [Visitor]
I'm not the Guifications author, really. It's already kinda dubious that grim added me as a developer to the list. :P
PermalinkPermalink 12/28/05 @ 18:32
Comment from: Ikke [Member] · http://www.eikke.com
I like notifications. The AmaroK ones are fairly nice IMHO.
Using libnotify is a must, obviously, but it's not in the developer platform yet (did J5 commit them into Gnome CVS by now?), and API-unstable etc. Guess it'll take a while before they get integrated...

A gnome-nl guy, qball, got some nice notifications for gmpd working yesterday, see http://wordpress.qballcow.nl/?p=8. Might be worth to put this functionality in a lib (or some copy-paste thing like libegg, although I hate that way of working personally)...
PermalinkPermalink 12/28/05 @ 18:56

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