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Apr 17
Easter hacking

Writing code on easter day, after spending a day with your family (including the obligatory champagn/wine/beers) isn't such a good idea (#gnome-nl):

23:43 <@ikke> damn, help!
23:43 <@ikke> g_return_if_fail(foo() != TRUE)
23:43 <@ikke> returnt dat nu al foo() TRUE is, of FALSE?
23:43 <@ikke> ik ben helemaal aant flippen :s
23:43 <@kris> het failt als foo() != TRUE niet true is
23:43 <@kris> dus als foo() true returned
23:43 <@ikke> dus returnt als foo true is
23:43 <@kris> oh nee
23:43 <@kris> wacht ff
23:43 <@ikke> kijk, jij ook al :p
23:44 <@kris> all foo() false returnt, is foo() != TRUE true
23:44 <@kris> ja
23:44 <@kris> dus het failt als foo() true returnt
23:44 <@ikke> dus ie returnt als foo true is
23:44 <@kris> want dan is foo() != TRUE false
23:44 <+qball> leuk he :D

For the people who dont know dutch out there:

23:43 <@ikke> damn, help!
23:43 <@ikke> g_return_if_fail(foo() != TRUE)
23:43 <@ikke> does it return if foo() is TRUE, or FALSE?
23:43 <@ikke> I'm going nuts :s
23:43 <@kris> hit fails when foo() != TRUE isn't true
23:43 <@kris> so, when foo() returns true
23:43 <@ikke> so it returns when foo is true
23:43 <@kris> oh no
23:43 <@kris> wait a moment
23:43 <@ikke> look, you got the same issue :P
23:44 <@kris> when foo() returns false, foo() != TRUE is true
23:44 <@kris> yes
23:44 <@kris> so it fails when foo() returns true
23:44 <@ikke> it returns when foo is true
23:44 <@kris> caus then foo() != TRUE is false
23:44 <+qball> fun heh :D

Oh well, it's fixed :-)

I got Gentopia SVN commit access now. Gentopia is a project set up by some Gentoo devs aiming to get the Project Utopia stack properly integrated in the distribution. I committed an updated networkmanager-vpnc version, enjoy ;-)
Cleaned up the NetworkManager Gentoo backend a little too.

Could someone tell me how to mark a bug as a dupe in Bugzilla?

No CDIS mails yet, busy for some uni project (link) taking too much of my time, which I don't like actually ;-) Looks like some people picked up the idea though, great!

Next to that: jay for new fglrx drivers! Now I *will* be able to run Linux on my laptop when I get it (will not be within next 2 months though I'm afraid :-(), which is some *great* news.


Comment from: amd [Visitor] · http://amd.store20.com/blog
To mark bug as a duplicate you need to have (at least on GNOME bugzilla) some secret powers :)

As I do not have either these superpowers, I have usually posted just a comment saying: "This seems to be a duplicate of #bugnumber".
PermalinkPermalink 04/17/06 @ 05:42
Comment from: bkor [Visitor]
To mark something as dupe:
1. Read triage guide at http://live.gnome.org/Bugsquad/TriageGuide
2. Find some bugs to triage/dupe
3. Ask for permissions at #bugs on irc.gnome.org or mail bugmaster@gnome.org, explain what you want to do
4. View a bug (if you can't figure the rest out when you have permissions, email bugmaster@gnome.org so we can remove your permissions again ;-)
5. When in doubt: ask #bugs. Usually it is deciding what makes sense.
PermalinkPermalink 04/17/06 @ 18:40

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