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Goodbye Fedora Stateless, welcome at Ubuntu Kickstart!

Because the development of fedora stateless is quite frozen, we decided to drop it just an hour ago. We discussed a new strategy and have chosen for Ubuntu Kickstart. Kickstart, the automatic (recorded) installer for Fedora or SuSE is now ported to Ubuntu too since version 5.04 Hoary. We'll set up a PXE-boot enabled server wich will let the clients choose between windows or Linux, or just install Linux when we want it. Normally we should recieve new hardware next week, so the project will be kickstarted too ;-)

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Will be continued

Yesterday, Havoc Pennington announced that the Fedora Stateless project will be continued. So, there'll be a RedHat team working on it, as he previously told. This is very good news because now the maintainability of our project is assured.

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Stateless Linux -> Debian

Please read this message and following. Seems someone created an to develop Stateless Linux under Debian.

Now, the reactions on that post are just flamewars at Debian, but it really seems to be a nice project to follow up. If you're interested in contributing and development, go ahead ;-)

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Stateless-tools working, prototype system lost

Tuesday, Ward en I took a look at our ftwlinux server. When we wanted to login, we didn't recieve anything on the screen, so we gave the system a hard reboot.

After rebooting, we installed the necessary tools for a graphical work environment wich is necessary for stateless-tools to work. This went fine, running stateless-snapshooter --list gave no problems, in contradiction to our previous attempts. However, when I tried to create the snapshot of our prototype system, it went wrong. Maybe it was the wrong location I was working in, or maybe there's some information lost with rebooting (mounted filesystems or so). I didn't had time to find out, but we'll sure do. Yesterday, I recieved an sms from Ikke telling me there s great progress in the project, so maybe he found out. You'll sure hear about it soon.

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New fedora stateless test

Let me introduce you: Ward.

Ward Poelmans
Ward Poelmans

Ward has just joined the Fedora Stateless @ UGent team. Because of we are all to busy, Ward'll try to reinstall our whole server with graphical support to test the stateless tools. Normally it should work then. I'm sure Ward will also join this blog and post his results here :-D

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