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Post details: Remote X on Nokia 770: schreenshots

Nov 19
Remote X on Nokia 770: schreenshots

Due to the fact that the screenshot tool had a bug at the time I gave remote X windows a try on the N770, I could't post any 'proof'.

But, that screenshot-bug has been solved, and I connected my N770 to the fresh install of Ubuntu Linux so I could take shoot some screens. It took me about 4 minutes to make my N770 talk to the pc (Ubuntu recognised my usb bluetooth key immediately, it really wasn't hard at all). I installed the openssh-server on the pc (enabled it in Synaptic, and pressed Apply, easy stuff), started it, and logged in with my N770.

This time I used some new command line options (thank you daf):

ssh -X user@server -c blowfish -C

And I started oowriter2 again:

oowriter2 starting...
(Larger image)

and a few seconds later (the pc is quite old):

oowriter2 on N770
(Larger image)

Then I gave The Gimp another try, but the lag was still there. It was better a bit faster than without the compression settings for the ssh connection, but nowhere near usable. :-(

btw, has anyone tried this keyboard with the N770 yet? Does it work? Or should/will it work? Plz let me know!

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